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Take Your Investment To The Next Level – With Mission CBI.

At Mission Commercial Brokerage & Investments we offer brokerage service solutions designed with you in mind. Whether you are in need of a Broker Opinion of Value (BOV), 1031 Exchange guidance, or assistance with the purchasing and disposal of commercial property, we've got you covered.

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Making Your Time More Time.
Insights And Strategies To Help You Make The Most Of Your Investment.

One thing we always look for is the long term rental potential of properties for our clients. We weigh the options, create the best opportunities and give you the most reward for the least amount of hassle. Our San Diego brokers really know their markets for your short term and long term investment properties. We are comprised of a seasoned team of multifamily advisors with a track record of providing value-added brokerage services. Let us help you with your San Diego real estate investment.

We provide:
  • Customized investment real estate solution
  • Focused on sale of multi family investment properties
  • Combine Teamwork and experience to maximize apartment investments

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Take Your Investment To The Next Level.
Mission CBI Is Your “Opportunities Management” Team.

At Mission Commercial Brokerage & Investments we understand buying commercial property is a huge investment. We also understand the process of selling your current real estate asset is an a huge undertaking. In order to ensure no legal complications arise down the road, all responsibilities and obligations will need to be met. Most importantly, you will want to ensure you receive what your property is worth. If you are looking to buy or sell a property, our team at Mission CBI is your answer to an enjoyable and efficient process. Our business is built on communication. With that being said, we value assessing your needs as a client first. This gives us a clear outline of where your goals are and how we can best serve you. Whether your goal is to buy or sell a commercial property, our professional team will conduct a thorough analysis of the property. If your desire is to buy, we will perform a thorough search of the region to find a number of properties. Our commitment is to present you with properties that will complement the functionality you are looking for as well as your budget. On the same token, if you are looking to sell, we will ensure maximum visibility of your property through a number of creative outlets such as specific directories, direct mail and email marketing, followed up with a friendly phone call.

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Investments So Sound You’ll Swear They Sing.
Pitch-Perfect Property Evaluations And Strategies.

Our Valuation & Advisory Services are comprehensive and reliable no matter the property size and complexity. We use local insights and years of expertise to give you the best advice on the current and projected value of real estate and real estate-related investments. Regardless of experience, we take the time to understand the unique aspects of every client’s aspirations and investment goals. Our professionals deliver accurate, reliable and prompt valuations.

We provide:
  • An in-depth look at the process of data collection, analysis and value for property valuation
  • Expert commercial appraisal with easy to read step-by-step appraisal reports

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Paving The Way For Great Opportunities
Mission CBI Helps Make Good Properties Greater Profit.

Optimize your real estate income and the short-term and long-term investment performance with our project management. We will market your rentals more effectively to more places on and off the web bettering the quality and quantity of your tenants. We have the right tools to get the right results for you, so you can focus on your business. Successfully capture and increase all your tenant prospects through multiple streams of marketing avenues.

We provide:
  • Industry savvy marketing strategies
  • A practical application of new information and marketing technology
  • Custom selection of the platforms that are best for you and your needs

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  • Portfolio of Investments

    Your portfolio of investments is your investor identity. This is a grouping of your financial investments. In specific terms, this is a collection of real estate assets, transactions in equity securities (example: common stock), and debt securities (example: banknotes). Your portfolio is held by you - the investor. You can managed it yourself or outsource this to a financial professional.
    Portfolio of Investments
  • Secure Investments

    As an investor, you are faced with the balancing act of managing the risk & return on your investments. What risks will you have to face surrounding each one of your investments? What returns can you expect? Managing these requires an advanced level of understanding.
    Secure Investments
  • Monitor Your Investments

    Success in investment requires monitoring. We make monitoring your investments easy. Trust our dedicated team to provide you with the necessary processes to properly protect your assets.
    Monitor Your Investments
  • Return on Investments

    We understand the importance of your return on investment. Buying and selling of commercial property has the potential to provide a great return on investment. We are dedicated to seeing your ROI goals through with you.
    Return on Investments

Our Values: We Go The Extra Mile For You.

Our Services Are Just A Small Part Of How We Take Care Of You.

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  • Comprehensive Services
  • Clear, Simple & Transparent
  • Loyal & Tested
  • Flexibility Without the Ego
  • Honorable & Forthcoming
  • You Need To Choose Mission CBI!...
    "If you are a landlord, you need to choose Mission CBI! They are very responsive, are on top of whatever is requested from them and are able to find the best tenants. Repairs are handled, what seems to be, instantaneously and they are on top of the market when it comes to what rent prices should be. They give the personalized service that you deserve and are always available for questions. Everyone has that one tenant or another that is not used to change but they have made the whole process a breeze. Truly grateful for their hard work!"
    Melody Tice, San Diego Property Owner
  • Their Efficient Operation Saved Me Thousands...
    "Mission CBI took over my 4 building portfolio and within months, income was up and expenses were way down. Their efficient operation saved me thousands of dollars. "
    Melissa Manfredi, San Diego Multi-Property Owner
  • Mission Takes Care Of Our Property Better Than Any Team I’ve Experienced......
    "Bought 8 units in Hillcrest, which need tons of maintenance work on the interior and exterior. Mission CBI turned the property around and raised rents quickly and cost effectively. I highly recommend their services! "
    Peg Franken, Multi-Unit Condo Owner